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Barrel Alternatives

For more than ten years Oregon Barrel Works has been supplying wineries around the world with quality barrel alternatives. These products presents an economical, convenient and effective alternative to barrels.
The wood is air-dried for a minimum of three years and each order is custom made, toasted to your specifications and shipped fresh. All adjuncts available in light, medium, medium plus and heavy toast.

2010 Oregon Barrel Works Barrel Alternative Price List PDF

Toasted Chips, Beads, Cubes and Blocks

Oregon Barrel Works offer a variety of sizes of Chips, as well as Blocks, Cubes and Beads to fit your desired extraction level and time frame.

Toasted Chips

 Oregon Barrel Works chips are slow toasted in a drum roaster in small batches insuring an even toast. Oregon Barrel Works offers three sizes of toasted chips, Standard, Small and dust.  The standard size provides a slow extraction rate with the convenience of a chip.  The small size chips are designed to pass through a pump and make a great choice for co-fermentation.  The dust is ideal where quick extraction is desired.

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Oregon Oak Beads,Chips and Blocks, Medium Plus Toast


Beads, Cubes and Blocks

Oregon Barrel Works Beads, Cubes and Blocks are roasted in a convection style roaster.  


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Beads are 1/2 x 1/2 x 1/4.  Beads can be used in infusion tubes or in mesh immersion bags.


Cubes are 1/4 x 1 x 1.  Cubes can be also used in infusion tubes or mesh immersion bags.


Block are 2 x 2 x 3.  Bocks can be used in infusion bags during fermentation or during aging.

Chips, beads, squares and blocks are available in 5 # or 20# FDA mesh immersion bags.

Tank Staves

Oregon Barrel Works tank staves provide excellent quality oak extraction at a fraction of the cost of a barrel. Oregon Barrel Works tanks stave are 3/8 x 2 x 38.  The tank staves are slow toasted using a convection style roaster, insuring a uniform, deep toast . The tank staves can be configured to accommodate most existing tank stave systems including the log cabin system or Oregon Barrel Works umbrella system.  Oregon Barrel Works umbrella system accommodates up to 32-tank staves per system.  The staves are connected with a stainless steel wire with an 18-inch pigtail that attaches to the inside of the tank.  The stave are allowed to free float inside the tank. This system reduces installation time and allows greater flexibility.

Barrel renewal

Oregon Barrel Works offers two barrel renewal options.

Oaksicles, a through the bung system, deliver cost effective barrel renewal with superior quality. Each unit provides a level of extraction comparable to that of a new barrel. Installation and removal of the Oaksicle is simple and quick due to its strong and flexible design.


Oregon Oaksicles

Stairsteps are a through-the-head barrel renewal system. Staves are fixed to the inside of the barrel on either side of the bung. This unique design keeps the staves above the lees and does not interfere with racking or stirring. The system includes installation by the Oregon Barrel Works team.


Oregon Oak Stairstep Barrel Inserts

Carboy Inserts

The carboy inserts represent 75% of the extraction of a 228 liter barrel. Included with the inserts is a stainless steel eye ring and a nylon tie to attach the inserts to the bung of the carboy. These are great for the home winemaker.

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