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Oregon Barrel Works provides barrel repair from small leaks to stave replacements.

Barrel Repair
$100 Per hour
Billed in 1/2 hour increments
1/2 hour minimum charge
Travel time is billed at $45 per hour roundtrip

Replacement Wood Price (material only)
Stave $40
Head Stave $20

Please Note: Barrels older than four years will not be repaired and will not be allowed in the shop. 


Oregon Barrel Works does warranty repairs for the following cooperages:


Francois Freres


Tonnellerie Sirugue

Tonnellerie Saury

Tonnellerie Remond

Tonnellerie Sylvain

Bouchard Cooperages

Tonnellerie Rousseau


Please contact your sales person to see if your barrel is under warranty.



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